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All types of cabins for forklifts and operating machines.

Cabine 3 Effe builds cabins for forklifts since 1977. The company projects and produces each type of cabin, giving always an extreme attention at design and all comforts.
The company is composed by a highly specialized professional team that works with a very good supplied machines park. Cabine 3 Effe follows the whole production of the cabins, delivering to the final client the products ready for the installation.

Cabin photo
Cabin photo
  • - Cabins for forklifts
  • - Cabins for electric tractors
  • - Cabins for operating machines
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Special cabins:

complete customized cabins.

Are you looking for a cabin adapt to your forklift ? With Cabine 3 Effe you can design your cabin from A to Z. Each element is carefully selected and the project is followed up by qualified technicians.

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The cabin for forklifts with an unique design.

Thanks to a technical department composed by expert people and always in training, the realized products follow a specific planning, in order to satisfy every requests, such as that operative or the specific ones of the final machine. Ideas, prototypes, tests and controls, never forving the design.

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Ideas, prototypes, tests, design


Cabins for every brand of forklifts.

The machine park of Cabine 3 Effe is very wide and specialized in the complete production of cabins for cranes, forklifts, agricultural machines and more else. The processing of steel tubes and bars is carried out to create the various supporting structures and frames, such as the processing and cutting of sheet metal with the latest generation laser.

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