Cabine 3 Effe is a company of Vicenza that produces cabins for forklifts and operating machineries.

Since always the company works to realize suitable products for every cabins with attention to details and particular interest in a more modern design.

Company processing photos
Company processing photos
Company processing photos

Very important results also the structure, composed by cut, bended and welded elements, using precise production's schemas.

Every product is accurately evalueted and tested directly on the machine of study, in order to satisfy at the best the requests and needs of the final user. Essential are comfort and space dedicated to the different types of cabins, studied expressely for out and indoor locations.

  • — Cabins for forklifts
  • — Cabins for electrical tractors
  • — Cabins for operating machineries
  • — Cabins for agricultural machineries
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From the first crane cabin to a wider production.

The company was born with Adriano Ferronato who realized his firt crane cabin in 1977. During the eighties and nineties he thought to enlarge his field, realizing cabins also for operating and earh moving machines, ending to specialize himself in the production of cabin for forklifts.

In years 2000 entered in the company the sons Arianna and Michele that brought a generational change , full of innovation and avantgarde projects for a completely renovated company.

The company is composed by a team of highly specialized operators that works with a very good supplied and of last generation machines park.

Cabine 3 Effe follows the whole production of cabins for forklifts, cabins for tractors, or for earth moving machines, delivering to the final client the products ready for the installation.

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CUSTOM cabins:

With Cabine 3 Effe you can customize the cabins accoring your specific requests.

Thanks to an inner always updated production area, every request can be developed according the specific needs.

You can create cabins completely personalized in order to satisfy not only the requests of the clients , but also those of the market, italian and European.

Avantgarde technologies

icon Avantgarde technologies

Customized cabins

icon Customized cabins

Special project cabins

icon special project cabins

Spare parts always available

icon Spare parts always available

Project your cabin with Cabine 3 Effe,

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