Tailor-made project

The design department:

conception and realization
  • icon Tailor-made project
  • Cabine 3 Effe has a planing department, who collects all the information by the client, to elaborate them in a tailor-made project.

    The specialized technicians use CAD/CAM design systems, to guarantee a product completely suited to requirements.

    • — Every single operative needs are analyzed, even the form, the space and the whole profile of the driving place.
    • — The needs of the complete machine , on which the final cabin will be installed, have to be collected.
Tailor-made project


From the creation of the first prototypes up to the construction of the basic model, every phase is followed up and checked in the minimum details under the carefully supervision of the production person in charge.

Every product is equipped with assembly drawings for the inner departments and with spareparts catalogues and mounting instructions for the final client.

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the search of perfect design

The aesthetic factor is very important, to create harmony between the cabin and the complete final destination machine.

The study and the planning of the cabins for forklifts, cranes, tractors or agricultural machines follow a carefully process of searching of the most suitable design.

The technical department of Cabine 3 Effe works constantly to create always more innovative models in line with the needs of every single client, never forgiving those of the market, both Italian and foreign one.

The planning process considers very important the need of the final worker, such as his point of view to facilitate the use of the machine, ensuring him the maximum visibility as possible.

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