Production phases

Modern production

with sophisticated machines of the latest generation

Cabine 3 Effe follows the whole production of the cabins for forklifts, building cranes, working machines and tractors.
The vehicle fleet has different production areas of the latest generation.

Planning photo

The first phase of the realization of the cabins for forklifts, tractors or agricultural machines, is the planning of the product. In this initial phase the attention to detail and the search of the best finishes is essential to guarantee an high extreme quality product.

Welding photo
Welding and manufacturing of tubes

In the welding sector are manufactured the steel planks which are used to create the weight-bearing structure of the cabin. The frame of the cabins is carefully welded by certificated workers. The tubes and the steel planks are cutted, bended, calendared, drilled and stamped.

Manufacturing sheets photo
Manufacturing sheets

Every sheets are carefully manufactured through a laser machine to guarantee the precision of formes, considering the different destinations. The sheets have a thickness of 20 mm and are later bended with bended machines.

Painting photo

Every cabin is finished with treatments that guarantee its absolute resistance also in the worse enviroment working conditions such as the cataphoresis to prevent the rust. The powder paintings are realized to gift to the surfaces an enamel and a colour more brillant and with a long duration in time.

photo assembly

The assembly is performed in the company by professionals, who take care of every single detail. The assembly phases are decided during the planning and production of the sample items, also after a lot of tests carried out directly on the machines.
This facilitates the final assembly phase on the machine, that could be made also by beginner technicians.

photo packaging

The elements for assembly are carefully packaged to be send in absolut safety. In every packages are included useful assembly instructions, and spareparts catalogues.

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a certificated quality

Cabine 3 Effe works since always with a lot of attention to every single detail, guarantee an extreme high quality product suitable for the use in specific working circumstances.

For this reason , every cabin is delivered with the specific certification: the parts that composed it are guaranteed and also the services by Cabine 3 Effe.

The used materials come from certificated suppliers and are subjected to hard tests to evaluate their resistance and their durability.

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