At Cabine 3 Effe we produce polycarbonate roofs, also known as Lexan, which are suited for all forklift truck cabin models currently in production. Our effort to select quality materials is demonstrated by using transparent polycarbonate sheets of the reputable Makrolon® and Sabic® brands, having a 5mm thickness and incorporated UV protection.

Benefits of our polycarbonate roofs:

  • Protection: Our roofs offer an immediate and efficient solution against bad weather, providing operators with the protection they need.
  • Excellent visibility: Due to its transparency, polycarbonate provides operators with a clear view in every direction, which is essential for safety and efficiency at every stage of their work.
  • Durability and robustness: With a 5mm thickness, our cabin roofs provide high resistance to forklift truck vibrations. This results in a remarkably long-lasting product, which is in no danger of cracking or breaking even with prolonged use.
  • Easy installation: Our decision to use self-drilling screws facilitates roof assembly, making installation a quick and uncomplicated process.

Our transparent polycarbonate roofs combine the protection offered by a closed cabin with the visibility of an open one, thus offering the best of both worlds to the forklift truck operator.

Why Polycarbonate?

Polycarbonate has been selected for its extraordinary features. Not only does it offer clear transparency, but it also has notable thermal and mechanical resistance. It is particularly valued for its high impact resistance, making it ideal for applications requiring sturdiness. Among its unique features, polycarbonate is self-extinguishing, easily machined with conventional tools, and can be thermoformed. It also effectively withstands high temperatures and has exceptional resistance to breakage.

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