for different sectors of use.

Every machine is projected and realized , considering the different sectors in which the different machines work.

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Cabins customize

for every brand

The cabins realized and sold by Cabine 3 Effe are studied to offer comfort and vesatility to the operator, guaranting him an absolute safe working place during the working phases of the machine and against bad weather.

The cabins are supplied with every elements, ready to the installation on the final machine and equipped with spareparts catalogues and assembly instructions for the final client.

icon Front glass

Front glass complete with 3M film to improve the security of the operator.

icon Tempered glasses

Tempered glasses complete with 43R mark.

icon Sound-absorbing material

Sound-absorbing material on doors and under roof.

icon Metal doors

Metal doors with sliding glass and DLP component.

icon heating systems

Optional high performances heating systems for electrical and diesel forklifts.

Cabine 3 Effe can realize the cabin for specific brands of machines and it is build together with the client to satisfy every single needs.

Modular cabins

In addition to the modern design, the cabins can be easily joined to different machines (earth moving or industrial vehicles) by simple fixing points.

Colours and indoors

you can customize the outdoors of the cabin with specific paintings, both the roof and the frame. Also the outdoors can be customize with different finishes at choosing.


The cabins are realized to insert later also an heating system indoor, which functions also only in forced ventilation, to guarantee the right inner comfort. These can be totaly electrical or water heatings, if the machines have diesel motor.

Air conditioning

for some models of forklift you can install air conditioning systems to place out of the cabin with an inner control board.

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